Who Has Qualified and Who is Going to the Playoffs? - October 11th, 2013 - World Cup Qualifications Round Up

World Cup Brasil Logo - Europe MapWith one more round of games left to be played on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013, the World Cup Qualification picture in Europe is becoming quite clear.

Out of 13 spots designated for European teams, seven have already been filled. There is a tight race for 2 remaining spots that directly qualify for Brazil, while eight teams will head to the playoffs to battle for the last 4.

Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland have qualified for sure.

Russia and Spain are in 99% sure.

Bosnia and Herzegovina are in a race with Greece, and England are in a race with Ukraine for the two remaining spots that directly qualify to Brazil.

The nations that will participate in the playoffs are for the most part already known:

France, Croatia, Sweden and Portugal are in for sure.

Two spots will go to Bosnia-Herzegovina / Greece and England / Ukraine.

and the two remaining spots are chased by

Turkey / Romania / Hungary
Iceland / Slovenia

Either Bulgaria or Denmark, from Group B, have a mathematical chance of making it to the playoffs but are most likely out.

Looking forward to Tuesday's matchups!