Definition of Daily Lineups (Bet365)

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What are daily lineups on Bet365? What does the term "daily lineups" mean on Bet365?

Bet365 recently launched something called "Daily Lineups", which allows you to participate in daily fantasy sports (DFS) on the site.

Daily lineups, at least for now, are free to those people who have qualifying Bet365 accounts.

Daily lineups are currently available for a number of different sports leagues, including the NFL (American football), NBA (North American basketball) and NHL (North American hockey).

With the NFL offering, for instance, qualifying Bet365 customers are given an imaginary $50,000 budget with which they have to select 6 players.

For instance, if the Chiefs are playing the 49ers in the Super Bowl, you could choose players like Patrick Mahomes, Brock Purdy or CMC to include on your team.

These players accrue points for doing things such as throwing touchdowns, catching passes or running.

The Bet365 customer who picks the six players that accrue the most points will win.

Bet365 adds money to the prize pools, despite the fact that these daily lineups are free to enter (at this point, anyways).

For instance, the Daily Lineups on the day of the Super Bowl had $58,000 added to the prize pool, despite the contest being free to enter.


This is a fun way for qualifying Bet365 accounts to follow the action in a number of different sports, including football and basketball.