Jake Paul vs KSI Betting Odds

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Could Jake Paul vs KSI actually be happening?

Jake Paul was supposed to fight Hasim Rahman Jr. on August 6th, but that fight was cancelled due to weight issues on Rahman's side.

KSI is scheduled to take on Alex Wassabi on August 27th, but Jake Paul (who advised Wassabi) has claimed that Wassabi has a concussion and might have to pull out of the fight.

Jake Paul has offered to step in for Wassabi on August 27th, assuming that KSI agrees to a fight at 180 pounds.

What would be the betting odds for this fight?


Back in 2020, KSI and Jake Paul appeared to be on a collision course to fight.

As a result, numerous sportsbooks put out lines for the fight.

At the time, KSI had the small edge:

KSI, -125
Jake Paul, -105

The decimal odds:

KSI, 1.80
Jake Paul, 1.95


It should be noted that these odds were from over two years ago.

Since that time, KSI has not had a fight, while Jake Paul has beaten Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley (twice).

Given Jake's recent experience in the ring, I'm assuming that the books would give him the edge heading into the fight, plus he would be the bigger fighter.


With all that being said, the books won't release odds on this fight until the two men put their signatures on the dotted line.

There is no doubt that this fight would be absolutely massive - can it be put together in just three weeks? Has Alex Wassabi actually pulled out of the fight? Are there negotiations for Jake Paul vs KSI going on behind the scenes?

We'll soon find out.

Fight Details:

Date: August 27th, 2022
Event: -
Venue: O2 Arena