Definition of Hip-Drop Tackle

What is the definition of the term "hip-drop tackle"? What is meant by the term "hip-drop tackle" in football?

The Hip-Drop Tackle explained.  What is it.  In photo: Defensive football player is bringing down an offensive football player by the hip.The hip-drop tackle has attracted a great deal of controversy as of late, and has been in the spotlight after a number of injuries to players, including the likes of Mark Andrews.

There is a very good chance that the hip-drop tackle will soon be going the way of the horse-collar tackle - banned from use in the league.

With the hip-drop tackle, the defensive player will approach the offensive player with the ball from either the side or from behind.

The defensive player will wrap their arms around the mid-section of the offensive player, and become "dead weight" in an attempt to bring them to the ground.

The two players will usually end up in a tangle on the ground, as the offensive player's momentum slows and they are brought to the ground.

Hip-drop tackles have been found to cause significant more injuries than other types of tackles. As the offensive player is being brought to the ground, quite often their legs and feet will end up underneath of the defensive player, which can cause significant injuries, including broken bones and ligament tears.