Opening a Sports Betting Account Takes No More Than Five Minutes


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The world is more connected than it has ever been, and this holds true in the world of sports betting as well.

In the past, you'd need to secure the services of some seedy neighbourhood bookie in order to place bets on your favourite teams.

Betting on sports has never been easier.  The King explains how to open an online betting account.Now, in this day and age, sports betting is legal in many locations. Opening an account is quick and convenient - instead of using the slippery neighbourhood bookie, you can open an account with a company that has thousands of employees and has been in business for decades.

This is sports betting in this day and age - quick, easy and convenient.


If you are looking to open your first sports betting account, simply start by clicking the link at the top of this article. This will take you to one of our favourite sports books that we have been personally using since 2011.

The first step to opening your account is registering. The sports book is regulated and licensed by the government, so they need to get some of your personal details, such as your name, location and more. This should take you no more than a few minutes. These are legitimate, multi-billion dollar companies with the highest security standards, so you can feel safe knowing that your information is protected.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email from the sports book. You will likely need to confirm your email address, plus you will get any pertinent details as to the bonuses that are available to you. This is what happened with me.

Tip: I read over my welcome email carefully so that I was able to maximize the size of my bonus.

After I received my email, I made my first deposit on the site using my Mastercard. It was super easy to deposit, as my sports book had a wide variety of different deposit options available.

After that, I had a fully funded account. What was next?


It can be overwhelming to look at all of your options when you sign up to the site. Along with sports betting, there are also casino games, poker and bingo, just to name a few.

I prefer sports betting, so I remained there.

I particularly love betting on soccer and hockey, and I was very happy to see all of the options that were available. I remember when I first signed up for my account, I placed my first bet within 5 minutes of signing up. It's just a matter of clicking on the odds that appeal to you, adding in the amount of your wager and then clicking "Accept". It's super easy.

One of the coolest things about these sports books is "in-play betting", which allows you to bet on a contest once it has already started. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest innovations that online sports betting has brought us.

Not only can you bet on the result of a game after it has started, but you can also bet on how many corner kicks will be taken, who will score, what the over/under will be, etc.

I recommend to everyone that they take advantage of in-play betting, as it is a fabulous technological breakthrough.


Some other points that I would like to mention to people who are thinking about opening a sports betting account:

1) I have opened up accounts at practically every sports book that is available to me - I don't take my recommendation lightly.

2) Withdrawals are very quick as well, and I have never had an issue getting money that is owed to me.

3) Every sport that I could think of was available to be bet on. In addition, political bets were also available.


My personal advice? Jump in and create your account and get started. You can bet as little as you like - there is nobody watching over your shoulder.

Most of all - have fun!