Definition of Hell Mary

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What is the "Hell Mary"? What is the definition of the term "Hell Mary"?

From the team that brought you the "Butt Fumble" comes the "Hell Mary".

The Miami Dolphins intercepted a Hail Mary pass by the Jets in their end-zone and scored a touchdown.  This became known as the Hell Mary.In a Thanksgiving game in 2023, the New York Jets were playing host to the Miami Dolphins.

At the end of the first half, the Jets decided to launch a ball into the endzone for a "Hail Mary" attempt. There was seemingly nothing to lose and everything to gain - after all, there's no way that a Hail Mary can be returned by the defense for a touchdown, right?

Jevon Holland of the Dolphins intercepted the pass and proceeded to return the pick 99 yards for a touchdown.

This was a massive embarrassment for the Jets, on par with the "Butt Fumble" from a number of years ago.

The fact that the intercepted touchdown took place on Thanksgiving Day in front of a national audience made things even worse.

This was the Hell Mary.