Where To Bet on the NBL?


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The NBL (National Basketball League) is the top men's professional basketball league in Oceania, and consists of nine Australian teams and 1 New Zealand team.

The league, which was formed in 1979, is part of the FIBA Oceania Confederation.

National Basketball League is the highest profile league in Australia and New Zealand.  Bet on the NBL.  In photo: Kings vs. Wildcats game moment.There are currently 10 teams in the league - they are:

Brisbane Bullets

Sydney Kings

Illawarra Hawks

Melbourne United

S.E. Melbourne Phoenix

New Zealand Breakers

Tasmania JackJumpers

Adelaide 36ers

Perth Wildcats

Cairns Taipans

The most successful team in the history of the league is the Perth Wildcats, who currently have 10 NBL Championships to their name.


With NBL Betting, the most common way to wager is on an individual game.

You can bet:

1. The Spread. This means that one team is given points, while the other (the favourite) has points taken away. For instance, a spread might look like this:

Sydney Kings, -5.5, 1.87
Adelaide 36ers, +5.5, 1.87

This means that if you took Adelaide 36ers plus the 5.5 points, the 36ers could lose by 5 or less points and you'd still win your wager.

2. Total. This is where you are betting on if the total number of points for a game will go over or under the set total.

For instance, this might look like this:

Over 170.5 points, 1.95
Under 170.5 points, 1.80

If you think that the game will be a high-scoring one, you would obviously want to take the Over.

3. Money Line. This is where you simply select the winner, without any points being subtracted or added. For instance, the money line might look like this:

Sydney Kings, 1.36
Adelaide 36ers, 3.00

There are also a nearly endless line-up of other things that you can bet on, including:

-1st Half Winner
-1st Quarter Winner
-alternative point spread
-Double Result
-alternative game total

In addition, you can bet on individual player props as well, including over/unders for player points, rebounds, assists and points/rebounds/assists.


Every NBL game is covered by sportsbooks, so you'll never miss out on any action.