Gretzky Scored 47 Points - In 18 Postseason Games

Published on April 30th, 2024 1:51 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Wayne Gretzky and his peak season. The 1984-85 Edmonton Oilers were one of the greatest hockey teams of all time.

The club, led by Wayne Gretzky, finished with the second-best record in the NHL that season, behind only the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Oilers rampaged their way through the post-season, losing just three games en route to the Stanley Cup.

The Oilers swept the Kings 3-0 in the first round, and followed this up with another sweep in the second round, this time against the Winnipeg Jets.

The Oilers had their toughest test in the next round of the playoffs, as they would need six games to dispatch of the Blackhawks.

The finals pitted the two best teams in the league against each other, though the actual series would be no-contest, as the Oilers would win easily in five games.


The 1984-85 playoffs featured Wayne Gretzky at his absolute peak.

In just 18 games, Wayne Gretzky tallied 17 goals and 30 assists, for a whopping 47 points.

In 1990-91, Mario Lemieux posted a very respectable 44 points, though he needed 23 games to tally this mark.

Gretzky notched 47 points in 18 gmaes, meaning that he averaged over 2.5 points PER GAME during the Oilers Stanley Cup run.

Gretzky was truly unstoppable during the 1984-85 run, as he even managed to notch 2 short-handed goals.

He was truly doing everything.


The closest that anybody has gotten to this mark over the past few decades is Evgeni Malkin, who notched 36 points in 24 games in 2008-09.

To understand how truly special Gretzky's postseason was in 1984-85, Malkin scored 11 less points while playing six more game than Gretzky did in 1984-85.

We'll probably never see another post-season performance like this, especially given all of the parity that currently exists in the NHL.

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