How to Bet on Curling


The sport of curling is over 600 years old, and was thought to have been invented in Scotland in the early 1500s.

Curling is an Olympic sport that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. The game is particulary popular in countries with cold weather climates, such as Canada and Scandanavian countries such as Sweden.

The King explains on the ways to bet on the sport of Curling.There is an estimated 1.5 million registered curlers across the world. The game is particularly popular in Canada, where you can rarely travel through a town and not see a curling club.

Curling appeals to those people that don't particularly enjoy contact sports such as ice hockey and football.

Instead, curling is called "Chess on Ice", and it is essentially a life-sized strategy game where the participants act as the chess pieces.

Curling features rocks, the "house" and brooms, and is certainly one of the most unique sports in the world.


Curling was officially added as an Olympic sport in 1998, after serving as a "demonstration sport" the previous three Winter Olympics.

The addition of curling to the Winter Olympics has resulted in a surge of interest in the sport.

The sport appeals to both men and women.


In addition to the Olympic games, there are a number of big curling events that take place every year, including the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the Tim Hortons Brier, the World Curling Championships and the Players' Championship.


Betting on curling is pretty straightforward, and there will usually be a couple of options available to you.

You can make an "outright bet" on who you think will win a tournament.

For instance, if you want to bet on who you think will win the Olympic gold medal, you might have options such as these:

Canada, 1.95
Sweden, 4.50
Norway, 7.00

If you wanted to bet $100 on Canada to win the Olympic gold medal, for instance, you would be looking at a total profit of $95 if they finished as the gold medal winners.


You can also bet on individual matches that take part within a tournament.

For instance, if Ontario is taking on Alberta in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, you can bet on either team to win.

For instance, the odds might look like this:

Ontario, 1.35
Alberta, 3.00

In this case, Ontario would be a big favorite to win at 1.35, while Alberta would be a sizeable underdog.


The different types of curling bets are quite limited, though you will certainly find that many sportsbooks will offer lines on the winner of curling tournaments or individual games.