Definition of Player Longest Rushing Attempt

What does the term "player longest rushing attempt" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "player longest rushing attempt"?

In football betting, you can wager on how long a certain player's longest rush of the game will be.

The meaning of the term Player Longest Rushing Attempt when it comes to betting on American football is explained.  In photo:  Chiefs player with the ball going for it!For instance - let's say that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are playing the Baltimore Ravens.

The over/under on Mahomes' longest rushing attempt of the game might look like this:

Over 7.5 Yards, -110
Under 7.5 Yards, -110

So, if you think that Mahomes is going to be mobile during the game due to a tough defense, you'd probably want to take the over 7.5 yards line.

If you think that Mahomes is going to be contained by the defensive line of the Ravens, you'd probably want to take the Under 7.5 Yards line.


The "player longest rushing attempt" lines are usually reserved for running backs and quarterbacks.