Definition of Rushing Attempts

What does the term "rushing attempts" mean in the world of football betting? What does the term "rushing attempts" mean?

At many sportsbooks, bettors can bet on how many rushing attempts an individual player will have over the course of a game.

The meaning of the sports betting term Rushing Attempts is explained.  In photo: Los Angeles Rams player on the run.This usually applies to running backs, though there can also be lines for quarterbacks, especially those who are more mobile.


For instance - let's say that the Indianapolis Colts are playing the Los Angeles Rams.

Kyren Williams, for instance, might have a "rushing attempts" line that looks like this:

Under 24.5, -110
Over 24.5, -110

So, if you take the "over" rushing attempts line, you would win your bet if Kyren Williams rushes at least 25 times over the course of the time.


You need to figure out what you think the game script is going to look like before making a bet like this.

Are the Rams going to be behind by a couple of touchdowns most of the game? If so, the Williams "under" line would be a great bet, as the team will be throwing more.

If you think that the Rams will be leading for most of the game, you would want to take the over.