Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones Betting Odds


Will the "superfight" between Tyson Fury and Jon Jones ever happen?

If so, will they box, or will they fight in the Octagon?

UFC President Dana White said last week that he is eager to make this fight, though he clarified that it would "take place in the Octagon".

Tyson Fury, who has trained a bit of MMA, recently said that he wasn't interested in fighting in the UFC.


If Tyson Fury and Jon Jones ever boxed, Tyson Fury would certainly destroy Jon Jones.

If Tyson Fury and Jon Jones ever fought in the Octagon, Tyson Fury would be in for a VERY long night.

If you want to know how Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones would go in the Octagon, just re-watch Randy Couture vs James Toney.


With that being said, here are the boxing AND MMA odds for Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones, as of this moment:


Tyson Fury, 1.03
Draw, 26.00
Jon Jones, 10.00

Jon Jones is 10.00 to win a boxing match, but that is a sucker's bet. The true odds should be something closer to 100.00.

Now, here are the odds if the two ever step foot into the Octagon:


Tyson Fury, 8.00
Jon Jones, 1.10


The odds for the MMA fight between Fury and Jones are closer due to the perceived "puncher's chance" that Tyson Fury would have in the fight.

The truth, however, is that if Jones decided to take Fury to the mat, the fight would almost certainly be over.

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