Minnesota Vikings Fell Two Spots After Missing Their First Round Selection

Published on April 8th, 2024 1:14 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The draft day fiasco - Kevin Williamson Vikings jersey. It was absolute chaos.

The Minnesota Vikings were on the clock to make their first round pick at the 2003 NFL Draft, and the clock ran out on them.

This wasn't some late round mistake where the Vikings dropped a spot or two in the final round of the draft - the Vikings were late to make their selection in the FIRST ROUND of the draft in 2003.


As mentioned, the Vikings were on the clock at the 2003 NFL Draft.

The Vikings and Ravens were attempting to hammer out a deal, where the Vikings would move down to the 10th overall spot, in exchange for picks in the fourth and sixth rounds.

Incredibly, time ticked down without the Vikings making their pick and without a trade being announced.

As per NFL rules, the next team was now in the clock, though the Vikings still had the opportunity to make their pick if the next team up, the Jacksonville Jaguars, hadn't made their pick yet.

The Jags knew this and wasted no time in making their selection - quarterback Byron Leftwich.

The next team up? The Carolina Panthers.

Knowing exactly what was going on, the Panthers literally RAN to the podium to turn in their selection - OT Jordan Gross.

The Vikings were left slack-jawed, stunned by what had just happened. They had just dropped two spots in the draft with nothing to show for it!

The Vikings finally got it together and ran up to the podium to make their selection - Kevin Williamson.

The Vikings had just dropped from #7 to #9, while the Jags and Panthers had both benefited from the major mishap.


So, what happened exactly?

The Vikings and the Ravens consummated their deal at the last second of the Vikings' alloted time.

The Vikings hurriedly submitted their trade paperwork to the league, while the Ravens didn't.

In order to complete the deal, the league needed the paperwork from both teams, and they needed it in time to okay it.

The Vikings and the Ravens ended up fumbling their deal and it never became official.

The Vikings were left with egg on their faces, while the Ravens just shrugged and went on with their business.

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