Burnley Current Relegation Favourite at 1.25

Published on March 4th, 2015 6:58 pm EST
Every season, three unfortunate teams are relegated from the English Premier League to the Football League Championship. In their place? The top two teams from the Football League Championship and the winner of a play-offs involving the next four top teams in the Championship.

The benefits of remaining in the English Premier League are staggering. To start, teams get a cut of the massive TV deals that rain cash down upon the league's 20 clubs. In addition, having clubs such as Man City and Chelsea visiting your stadium does wonders for ticket and merchandise sales.

In short - teams certainly do not want to be relegated.

As of this moment, there are six teams that are seen as having a decent chance to be relegated - they are:

Hull City
Aston Villa
Burnley FC
Leicester City

Leicester City is currently the bottom team in the league as they have a total of just 18 points. QPR and Burnley are next with 22 points, while Aston Villa (25 points), Sunderland (26 points) and Hull City (27 points) all have a bit of breathing room.

Here are the current relegation odds for each of the six teams:

Burnley, 1.25
Leicester, 1.30
QPR, 1.33
Aston Villa, 2.87
Sunderland, 4.33
Hull, 4.50

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