Vuelta a Espana - Betting Odds, Event Details, Records and Favourites to Win

While Tour de France and Giro d'Italia remain the premier bicycle racing events in the world, the Vuelta a Espana is a result of the great success of the two premier races. Vuelta a Espana is a bicycle race which includes multiple stages and is held in the country of Spain for the most part, with some neighboring countries hosting portions of it.

The third most famous bicycle race in the world is the Vuelta a Espana.  Bet on the winners of the popular event.History:

The inaugural edition of Vuelta a Espana was held in 1935, following the great success of the two biggest events in bicycle racing (Tour d France and Giro d Italia). Spanish Civil war and World War 2 hindered its progress and caused cancellations of multiple editions. However, since 1955 it has been regularly held on an annual basis.


Vuelta holds the status of being a prestigious Grand Tour of Cycling. In total, there are three Grand Tours, the other two being the tour de France and Giro d'Italia. Like the other two grand tours, Vuelta a Espana is a three-week race held over a 23-day period with a couple of days rest. After going through multiple stages, the race eventually concludes in the Spanish capital Madrid.

Classifications and Contests:

The general classification based on the racer finishing overall first attracts great attention and is everyone's favorite. However, just like the other two grand tours, other contests are held within the race depending on different classifications.

Classifications at Vuelta a Espana include the following:

General Classification

- The points classification for the sprinters
- The mountains classification for the climbers,
- The combination classification for the all-round riders,
- The team classification


In total, there are 21 stages in Vuelta a Espana, each held on a different day. Each stage winner is timed, and overall times are added to determine the ultimate winner of Vuelta a Espana.

The total length of the race is almost 3300 km, which the cyclists cover over the length of 21 stages and 23 days.

Past Records and Winners:

Stage Winners:

Delio Rodriguez:

Delio Rodriguez leads the record charts at Vuelta a Espana with 39 stage wins at the race. The next best stands at 20, almost half the number of stages won by Rodriguez. This shows how successful and dominant the Spanish cyclist has been at the Vuelta.

Alessandro Petacchi:

The Italian cyclist Alessandro Petacchi has won a total of 20 stages at the Vuelta, which makes him the second most successful cyclist in terms of stage wins at the Vuelta.

Rik Van Looy and Laurent Jalabert:

The Belgian cyclist Rik Van Looy and French cyclist Laurent Jalabert have won 18 stages in Vuelta a Espana.

Most Vuelta a Espana victories - Roberto Heras:

Roberto Heras enjoyed great success at the Vuelta a Espana, especially between 1997 and 2005. During the period, he finished among the top 5 cyclists in each one of the editions except 1998 one, in which he finished 6th.

He holds the record for winning most Vuelta a Espana with 4 titles to his name.

Other records:

Most Days as Leader:

The two-time Vuelta a Espana winner, Alex Zule, holds the record for being the leader at Vuelta for most days. He led the Vuelta for a record 48 days.

Current Winner:

Remco Evenepoel, the Belgian cyclist, is the current winner of Vuelta a Espana as he won the 2022 edition of the Vuelta.

2023 Vuelta a Espana:

Vuelta a Espana 2023 is scheduled to take place between 19th August 2023 and 10th September 2023.

Event Details:

Venue: Spain
Date: 2023/08/19 to 2023/09/10

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