Definition of Player Saves Milestones

What does the term "player saves milestones" mean in the world of hockey betting? What is the definition of the term "player saves milestones"?

The King explains the meaning of the hockey betting term - Player Saves Milestones - In photo: Boston Bruins goalie making a save.With the player saves milestones lines, you can bet on hockey goaltenders achieving a certain number of saves in a single game.

The higher the milestone (meaning, the more saves that they have in the game), the better your odds and the more money you will be able to win.

For instance - let's say that the over/under line for Edmonton goaltender Stuart Skinner in a game is 26.5 saves.

Now, let's say that you think that Skinner is going to have a very good game, but he is going to face a large number of shots on goal.

You might want to shoot for the stars and pick Skinner to make 35+ saves in the game.

If you wanted to bet on this, you could pick the 35+ line for Stuart Skinner in the player saves milestones section.

In this case, the 35+ shot saved total would pay you 6.25, meaning that a successful $100 wager on Skinner stopping at least 35 shots in the game would pay you a total profit of $525.

You can also go the other way too - if the Skinner saves line was set at 26.5 shots, you might want to bet the "Over 20 shots" milestone to give yourself a bit of breathing room.

The downside to this, of course, is that the odds won't be nearly as generous.