Bayern Munich Currently 2.88 To Repeat as Champions League Winners

Published on March 13th, 2014 2:53 pm EST
The Round of 16 of this year's Champions League tournament is currently in progress, but one thing that hasn't changed through all of the games - Bayern Munich is still the favourite to repeat as Champions League winners.

Bayern Munich recently dispatched of Arsenal to advance to the Champions League quarter-finals. Bayern Munich won in typical fashion, as they were very stingy with the goals that they allowed, especially against Arsenal. Bayern Munich won the away match 2-0 and cruised to the aggregate victory at home.

Bayern Munich has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down, which is why they are still the favourites to win the Champions League this year. Bayern Munich is also dominating in Bundesliga - in short, their momentum remains strong, much to the chagrin of their potential opponents.


Here are the current odds for all of the teams who are still remaining in this year's Champions League tournament:

Bayern Munich, 2.88
Barcelona, 4.50
Real Madrid, 5.00
Paris Saint-Germain, 10.00
Chelsea, 13.00
Atletico Madrid, 13.00
Borussia Dortmund, 17.00
Manchester United, 41.00
Olympiakos, 151.00
Galatasaray, 201.00
Zenit St. Petersburg, 751.00

Barcelona has been struggling in La Liga over the past month or so, which may mean that Real Madrid may end up posing the greatest threat to Bayern Munich.

Paris Saint-Germain has also been playing well, but they are thought to not have the balance necessary to defeat Bayern Munich.

The question at this point should be - is anybody capable of beating Bayern Munich?

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