Argentina Currently Listed at 1.80 To Win

Published on June 28th, 2015 7:00 pm EST
Despite Argentina having looked thoroughly underwhelming so far in the 2015 Copa America, they are still the favourites to win the tournament.

There are currently four teams left in the tournament - Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. Argentina is considered the best team still left in the tournament, while Chile has the advantage of being the host nation. Paraguay and Peru, on the other hand, are seen as having very long odds of winning the tournament.

Let's take a look at the current betting odds to win the tournament heading into the semi-final round:

Argentina, 1.80
Chile, 2.37
Paraguay, 15.00
Peru, 21.00

Here are the implied odds of each team winning the tournament:

Argentina, 55.56%
Chile, 42.19%
Paraguay, 6.67%
Peru, 4.76%

As you can see, bookmakers are giving Paraguay and Peru practically zero chance of winning the tournament. Most people expect that it will be Argentina squaring off against Chile in the finals, barring some sort of miracle taking place in the semi-finals.


As mentioned, Argentina has been struggling so far in this tournament. The biggest problem? They haven't been able to score any goals. They scored just 4 goals in the group stage of the tournament, and followed this up with zero goals against Colombia in the quarter-finals. Chile, on the other hand, has had no issue finding the net so far this tournament.


Everybody is expecting Lionel Messi to have his breakout game of the tournament in the finals when a presumed match against Chile takes place. Will it happen though, or is Messi simply burnt out after an extraordinarily long season of football?

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