Serena Williams 1.04 Favourite To Beat Vinci on Friday

Published on September 10th, 2015 8:43 pm EST
The semi-final matches of the Women's US Open tournament were delayed on Thursday due to poor weather. The tournament is set to resume on Friday morning with Williams vs Vinci and Pennetta vs Halep.

After suffering a slight scare against her sister, Venus Williams, in the quarter-finals, Williams is looking to run through Roberta Vinci in the semi-finals. The general consensus is that Vinci just doesn't have the tools to beat Serena Williams and that she will not be able to handle the #1 ranked player's power and accuracy. In addition, Vinci is going to be stepping in front of a moving train, as Williams is attempting to win the calendar Grand Slam. This is a big event, as nobody has been able to accomplish this feat since Steffi Graf pulled it off in 1988.

In short, don't put your life savings on Roberta Vinci.


Here are the odds heading into Friday morning's match:

Serena Williams, 1.04
Roberta Vinci, 11.00

A $100 wager on Serena Williams would generate just $4 in total profit, while a successful $100 wager on Roberta Vinci would earn you a cool thousand dollars.

Here are the set betting odds:

Serena Williams 2-0, 1.17
Serena Williams 2-1, 5.50
Roberta Vinci 2-0, 26.00
Roberta Vinci 2-1, 17.00

Here are the total match games:

Under 18.5, 1.73
Over 18.5, 2.00


Can Roberta Vinci pull off the upset on Friday morning? Sure, anything can happen in tennis, though this seems very unlikely given the momentum that Serena Williams is currently enjoying. If you are looking for an upset, you may want to look to the finals instead.

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