Jorge Masvidal Would Be Slight Favourite To Defeat McGregor

Published on July 31st, 2019 3:14 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Contemplating the potential of the next McGregor MMA fight. Could a fight between Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor happen?

According to UFC President Dana White, no way. The reason? Masvidal, who fights at Welterweight, is simply too big for McGregor, who is likely a natural Lightweight now. McGregor has fought at Featherweight, Lightweight and Welterweight in the past, though he seems like a natural Lightweight at this point in his career.

Masvidal, on the other hand, is a Welterweight. While McGregor did fight at Welterweight previously against Nate Diaz, he was doing so against another fighter who is also a natural Lightweight.

That being said, Masvidal has a great deal of hype behind him right now, especially after knocking out Ben Askren in spectacular fashion via a flying knee.

McGregor, on the other hand, hasn't been seen since his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov, though Dana White insists that McGregor will likely be back in the beginning of 2020.


I suspect that the UFC's plans have McGregor taking on Khabib in a rematch, provided that Khabib gets by Dustin Poirier later this year.

If that doesn't happen and Poirier scores the upset, I suspect that the UFC may give some thought to a Masvidal/McGregor fight, especially if that is what McGregor wants.

If Khabib does win, I think that the UFC won't miss the opportunity to book Khabib/McGregor 2.


If the UFC does book a Masvidal/McGregor fight, the current betting odds look like this:

Conor McGregor, +130
Jorge Masvidal, -150

As you can see, Masvidal would be the favourite to win, though the odds are fairly close, despite the gap in weight.

The big question is how McGregor will fare after taking a bunch of time off. Masvidal, on the other hand, has remained plenty active.

This would certainly be an intriguing fight, if it were to happen.

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