Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis Odds

Published on February 26th, 2013 3:43 pm EST
UFC President Dana White has confirmed that Featherweight champion Jose Aldo will next be defending his belt against Anthony "Showtime" Pettis in August.

Shortly after UFC 157 concluded, White revealed that Aldo and his management team were refusing to fight Pettis, claiming that "Showtime" hadn't earned the shot.

Pettis was originally slated to fight the winner of Henderson/Melendez, but instead decided to request a fight against the Featherweight champion instead, claiming that it was the more challenging fight.

White said that the Pettis/Aldo fight would "definitely" be taking place, and that Aldo wouldn't like how things would turn out if he refused to fight Pettis.

Things have been worked out between the two sides, as White revealed on Monday that Aldo and his team have officially agreed to the Pettis fight. In addition, White also revealed that Aldo will earn himself a shot at the Lightweight title with a win over Pettis.


As of this moment, oddsmakers are giving Aldo a small edge over Pettis. Here are the current betting odds:

Anthony Pettis, +125
Jose Aldo, -155

These odds mean that a $100 bet on Pettis would yield a total return of $125, while a $155 bet on Aldo would yield a total profit of $100 if he were able to retain his title.

It should be noted that Aldo is a significantly smaller favorite when compared to his most recent fight against Frankie Edgar.


One of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world (Aldo) against one of the most exciting fighters in the world (Pettis). This should be a tremendous fight.

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