New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Sunday Night Football Betting Preview

Published on September 8th, 2013 7:55 pm EST
One of the best rivalries in all of the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys vs the New York Giants, will continue on this week's edition of Sunday Night Football.

The NFC East should be as tight as ever this season, which makes the opener between the Giants and the Cowboys even more important for both teams.

According to the bookmakers, the Dallas Cowboys are a three point favorite to win on Sunday evening. Here are the current betting odds:

New York Giants, +3, +110
Dallas Cowboys, -3, -130

So, according to these odds, a successful $100 wager on the Giants (plus the points) would yield a total profit of $110, while a successful $130 bet on the Cowboys (minus the points) would result in a total profit of $100.

Here are the money line odds, which are the odds to win the game straight up (without having to give any points):

New York Giants, +160
Dallas Cowboys, -180

So, if you think that the Giants are going to pull off the upset, a successful $10 bet will yield a total profit of $16, plus you will have your original $10 wager returned to you.

The over/under line is set at 49.5 points:

Over 49.5 points, -110
Under 49.5 points, -110


Here are some more odds that you may find interesting:

Which team will score first?

New York Giants, -105
Dallas Cowboys, -135

First Score of Game

Touchdown, -160
Field Goal, +120
Any Other Score, +3300

Race to 10 Points

NY Giants, +100
Dallas Cowboys, -130
Neither, +3300

Odds to Score a Touchdown

DeMarco Murray, -110
Dez Bryant, -163
Miles Austin, +138

David Wilson, -110
Victor Cruz, -110
Hakeem Nicks, +110

Winning Margins

Dallas Cowboys 1-6 points, +320
Dallas Cowboys 7-12 points, +450
Dallas Cowboys 13-18 points, +650

New York Giants 1-6 points, +375
New York Giants 7-12 points, +650
New York Giants 13-18 points, +1000

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