Liverpool 1.67 Favourite To Win in Front of Home Fans

Published on January 26th, 2016 12:32 pm EST
The English Capital One Cup will continue on Tuesday with a match between Liverpool and Stoke City.

As always, English Capital One Cup matches are hard to handicap as many of the top clubs will either bench their best players entirely or play them on reduced schedules. For that reason, upsets are very common.

Here are the odds heading into Tuesday's match:

Liverpool, 1.67
Draw, 3.60
Stoke, 5.50

The first leg of this match took place on January 5th, with Liverpool scoring a 1-0 victory away from home. For this reason, Liverpool is the clear favourite to advance to the next round, as evidenced by these odds:

Liverpool, 1.12
Stoke City, 5.50


Given Liverpool's 1-0 victory in the first game, you can reasonably expect their side to sit back and play a defensive game, as any type of a draw would send them into the next round.

Stoke City, on the other hand, needs to put up at least some offence in order to advance, which means that they will need to open up a bit.


The two sides are extremely close in the English Premier League standings so far this season, with Liverpool currently sitting at 34 points and Stoke City sitting at 33 points.

Liverpool is unbeaten in their last three cup games, while Stoke City is 1-1-1 over the same period of time. Stoke City will certainly have an uphill battle on their hands as they travel to Liverpool on Tuesday - can they surprise and defeat Liverpool, or will Liverpool close things out and move to the next round?

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