Denver Broncos 7.5 Point Favorites To Win at Home on Monday Night

Published on October 23rd, 2016 7:39 pm EST
Two of the best defenses in the NFL, the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos, will be squaring off on Monday Night Football this week.

Both of the teams have 4-2-0 records heading into this week's edition of Monday Night Football, though neither team is exactly blowing away the competition. Both teams have major issues, especially on the offensive side of the ball - Brock Osweiler has struggled mightily at QB so far this year for the Texans, while the Broncos have had their own issues with scoring. Osweiler's issues have muted the performance of DeAndre Hopkins, though Texans fans rejoiced in the breakout performance of Lamar Miller last week.

Both teams look to win the same way - running the ball and by forcing their opponents to make mistakes.

NFL Matchup - Texans vs. Broncos - Year 2016 - Matchup

As mentioned, the Broncos are 7 1/2 point favorites to win. Here is the complete line for Monday night's game:


Houston Texans, +7.5, 1.90
Denver Broncos, -7.5, 1.90


Over 40.5 Points, 1.90
Under 40.5 Points, 1.90

Money Line

Houston Texans, 3.90
Denver Broncos, 1.27


As you can see, the low total shows that the oddsmakers don't have much hope that the two teams will be able to put up too many points on Monday night.

The path to victory for the Texans will likely rely on another strong performance by Lamar Miller, who is coming off of an impressive 2 TD performance last week.

The Denver Broncos, on the other hand, will likely look to pressure Brock Osweiler in order to capitalize on some of his mistakes. Osweiler potentially had a breakthrough last week, however, so it will be interesting to see if he can translate his strong play in the last quarter of last week's game into another strong performance this week.


This should be a gritty, nasty game involving two of the NFL's top defenses.

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