KC Royals Currently Listed at 1.83 To Win Series

Published on October 21st, 2014 5:17 pm EST
According to the bookmakers, the Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants should be one of the most closely contested World Series match-ups in years.

The odds to win the World Series essentially have the match-up as a coin flip - let's take a look at the odds:

San Francisco Giants, 2.00
Kansas City Royals, 1.83

So, according to these odds, the Royals are seen as being the very slight favourite to win. There are two reasons behind that, despite the fact that the Giants have won the Series twice in the past 5 years - momentum and home field advantage. The Royals will start off the series at home when action gets underway later tonight, plus they have also won a staggering EIGHT post-season games in a row this year. It's hard to believe considering that the Royals were down 7-3 to the Athletics in the wild card play-in game, but here they are. The Royals swept both the Angels and Orioles and now have their sights set on the Giants.

What makes this series interesting is that both teams essentially play the same brand of "small" ball. The Royals, despite playing in the American League, use a decidedly "National League" style of baseball - stealing bases, bunts, etc. It's rare that the Royals are going to dazzle you with their power - instead, they are well coached and take advantage of every opportunity.

The Giants, though, should certainly not be dismissed despite the unbelievable momentum of the Royals. The Giants KNOW how to win in the post-season and they have one of the best managers in baseball.


This should be a great World Series - can the Royals win after nearly 30 years of futility or will the Giants win their third title in the last five years?

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