Frankie "The Answer" Edgar Listed as Small Favourite To Win

Published on February 27th, 2018 6:47 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel
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Frankie Edgar vs. Brian Ortega - MMA Odds - UFC 222 - Bet on it! Former Lightweight title holder Frankie "The Answer" Edgar will be taking on Brian Ortega in the co-main event of UFC 222 this weekend.

The original main event of the card was slated to be Edgar vs Holloway, though Holloway had to pull out of the fight due to an injury. Instead, the UFC opted to put together Cyborg v Kunitskaya in the main event and make a three-round fight between Edgar and Ortega for the co-main event.

Frankie Edgar is taking some risks in accepting this fight - if he loses to Ortega (which is a distinct possibility), Edgar would almost certainly lose his shot at Holloway. Edgar is obsessed with winning another UFC title following his Lightweight title run a few years ago.

Brian Ortega has shown himself to be one of the slickest submission specialists in the UFC and could make a strong case for a title shot with a victory. With the laughably lopsided Cyborg vs Kunitskaya occupying the main event slot, Edgar vs Ortega is easily the most compelling fight on the card.


Frankie Edgar, with his experience in big fights, has the edge heading into this tilt. Here are the current betting odds:

Time Stamp: February 27th, 2018 6:47 pm EST
Odds Subject to Change

Frankie Edgar, 5/8
Brian Ortega, 17/11


Frankie Edgar will be relying on his usual strong wrestling and active pressure game in order to wear down Ortega over the course of the fight.

The interesting wrinkle, however, is Ortega's submission game, and Edgar will need to be extremely careful that he doesn't get caught in something when he is trying for a takedown. Ortega has shown that he has a variety of ways to submit his opponents, and Edgar and his camp need to be extremely careful.


Round betting odds haven't been released for this fight as of yet, though don't be surprised if it goes the distance. I can see a fight in which both Edgar and Ortega are avoiding each other's strengths, which might result in a fight that is mostly being contested on the feet.

This should be a great scrap and could easily be Fight of the Year potential.

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