Cesarewitch Horse Race - Betting Odds and Event Details

Race Details:

Date: 2024.09.21
Grade: -
Open To: Horses Aged Three and Older
Track: Turf
Length: 2 Miles, 2 Furlongs
Location: United Kingdom

The Cesarewitch Handicap is one of the most famous and historic horse races in the UK. The race takes place in the autumn of every year at the Rowley Mile in Newmarket, England.

The race, which is open to horses three years of age and older, is run on a course that spans 2 miles and 2 furlongs. It is a key race in the British racing calendar, known for its challenging distance and competitive nature.

The Cesarewitch is a flat handicap race, which means that horses carry different weights assigned by the handicapper to level the playing field.

The race was first established all the way back in 1839. The race was named in honour of Tsar Alexander II, after he donated 300 pounds to the Jockey Club.

Cesarewitch betting odds and the best place to wager on the event online.  The course.  The trainers.  Winning horses.The course of a handicap race that is run on the turf Rowley Mile. The purse for the race is usually a couple hundred thousand punds, with first place getting more than half of that.

2023 Winner:

Horse: THE Shunter
Jockey: James Doyle
Trainer: Emmet Mullins


One horse - Aaim to Prosper - has won this race twice (2010, 2012).

The most successful jockey in the race has been Doug Smith, who has rode to victory a total of six times.

Two trainers - William Day and Mathew Dawson - have won a total of four times.


The purse in 2020 was in the area of £200,000. In 2024, the purse is estimated to be in the area of £350,000.


The Cesarewitch is part of the rich tradition of British horse racing and is one of the highlights of the Newmarket racing season.

The atmosphere at the Cesarewitch Handicap, much like many of the major racing events in the UK, is festive, energetic, and celebratory. While the race itself is a serious competition with trainers, jockeys, and owners vying for the prize and prestige, for many spectators, the day is as much about the social experience as it is about the racing.


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