Bookmakers Giving Patriots Big Seven Point Edge at Home on Sunday

Published on November 23rd, 2014 5:45 am EST
Detroit (7-3) and New England (8-2) have largely similar records but you would have a hard time finding anyone who feels that the two teams are evenly matched heading into Sunday's game in New England.

The Detroit Lions have been slowly but surely dispatching of their opponents this year despite the struggles of Matthew Stafford and an injury to Calvin Johnson.

The New England Patriots, on the other hand, have been on a torrid run since going 2-2 to start the season. The Patriots hit rock bottom after losing to Kansas City 41-14 on September 29th but have been an unstoppable buzzsaw ever since.

Tom Brady has answered all of the doubters who thought that he had left the best days of his career behind him as he has been putting up ungodly numbers in recent weeks. The result? New England has won six games in a row and is now one of the bonafide Super Bowl favourites.


Despite this being a match-up between two of the NFL's best teams (in terms of their records anyways), the bookmakers are giving the Pats a big edge on Sunday. Here are the current betting odds:

Detroit Lions, +7, 1.91
New England Patriots, -7, 1.91

Here are the straight up odds:

Detroit Lions, 3.60
New England Patriots, 1.31

Here are the totals:

Over 48 points, 1.91
Under 48 points, 1.91


As you can see, the oddsmakers are giving the Patriots a fairly healthy edge even though the Lions have a very solid 7-3 record.

Do you think that the Patriots would crush the Lions or will the Lions put up a good fight on Sunday?

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