NFL Exercises "Flex" Rights on Monday Night Football for Very First Time

Published on December 1st, 2023 12:17 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The historic first Monday Night Flex football game will feature the Eagles and the Seahawks. In 2006, the NFL enacted "flex scheduling" for Sunday Night Football games.

This allowed the league to take advantage of marquee match-ups that would increase the ratings for Sunday Night Football, which, in turn, allowed the league and its players to make more money.

In 2023, this flex scheduling was extended to Monday Night Football for the very first time.

This flex scheduling allows the NFL to switch games to Monday Night Football, provided that they were originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

The league has a "window" to flex Monday Night Football games, and this window runs from Week 12 to Week 17.

The league has 12 days to let the world know of their intentions to flex a game to Monday Night Football.


For the very first time, a Monday Night Football game has been flexed.

On Monday, December 18th, the Philadelphia Eagles will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.

This game was originally set for Sunday afternoon, meaning that the league had the flexibility to move it to Monday night.

The game was that moved out of Monday Night Football?

Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots, which will now take place on Sunday afternoon.


The Eagles are the league's best team, while the Seahawks are battling for a spot in the playoffs, and have exceeded expectations this year.

This is obviously a much more compelling match-up than the Chiefs vs Pats, as the Patriots are one of the league's worst teams and an absolute mess this season.


The last two Monday Night Football games of the year both feature marquee match-ups - Ravens vs 49ers, and Lions vs Cowboys - so they won't be moved.

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