Sweden Has Slight Edge To Win at Home on Saturday

Published on November 13th, 2015 8:48 pm EST
Another of the Euro 2016 playoff matches will be taking place on Saturday, as Sweden plays host to Denmark.

Eight teams are currently playing four home-and-away matches to determine who will be the final four participants in the Euro 2016 tournament, which will be taking place this summer. Game 1 between Sweden and Denmark will be taking place on Saturday, with game 2 slated for Tuesday, November 17th.

Sweden finished in third place in Group G, a group that included Austria and Russia. Denmark, on the other hand, finished in third place in Group I, a group which included Portugal and Albania. Denmark narrowly missed out on a second place finish in the group, as Albania edged them out by just two points.


According to the bookmakers, Sweden is the stronger team and should move on to the Euro 2016 tournament. Having said that, the edge is fairly small and anything could happen.

Here are the odds for Saturday's game:

Sweden, 2.40
Draw, 3.00
Denmark, 3.20

The implied odds show that Sweden has the slight edge to win, though none of the three outcomes are better than even money.

When it comes to qualifying for the tournament, the odds look like this:

Sweden, 1.73
Denmark, 2.00

As you can see, Sweden has the edge, though, at the end of the day, the match looks to be a virtual coin flip.


Sweden is looking for their superstar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to help propel them through to the Euro 2016 tournament. Zlatan is easily the best player in this match, and Sweden will be heavily relying on Zlatan to propel them through. Zlatan has a great deal of big match experience, and the hope for the Swedish side is that he'll lift their team to a victory.

Denmark, on the other hand, will be relying heavily on the likes of Nicklas Bendtner and Morten Rasmussen to notch a victory.

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