Barcelona Favourites To Win La Liga Title

Published on July 31st, 2015 8:02 pm EST
According to the oddsmakers, this year's La Liga title is going to come down to Barcelona and Real Madrid. Other teams, including Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, don't really stand a chance.

Barcelona, fresh off of their historic season last year, is the current favourite to win the La Liga title. Barcelona is currently listed at 1.67 to win, which means that they are better than even money.

Real Madrid, which is looking to rebound following a disappointing campaign last season, is currently listed at 2.40 to win. So, while they have slightly longer odds than Barcelona to win, they are still very much in contention, thanks to the talents of Cristiano Ronaldo. With Ronaldo on your team, you always have a chance to win.

After Barcelona and Real Madrid, the odds drop off quickly.

Atletico Madrid is currently listed at 21.00 to win La Liga, while Sevilla is listed at 67.00. Given the talent levels of both Barcelona and Real Madrid, a team such as Sevilla would need an act of God to win this season.

Some of the other teams of interest include:

Villarreal, 301.00
Athletic Bilbao, 501.00
Espanyol, 1001.00


Finally, there are six teams that have a 5,001.00 chance to win this season - they are:

Las Palmas
Sporting Gijon

So, if you wanted to put down 200 Euros on Sporting Gijon to win La Liga and they pulled off the most amazing win in the history of the universe, you would walk away a millionaire.


La Liga officially gets underway in just over two weeks - I can't wait!

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