"Group of Death" Contains Germany and Portugal

Published on June 9th, 2014 4:25 pm EST
Group G of the 2014 World Cup has been referred to as the "Group of Death" as there are no real weak teams in the group.

Here are the teams that comprise Group G:

United States

Germany is one of the favourites to win the entire tournament and should move on from this group. The final spot, however, will be the subject of a ferocious battle between Portugal, the United States and Ghana. Portugal will obviously be relying heavily on Cristiano Ronaldo, while the United States is likely fielding their most talented team in many years and could definitely surprise. Ghana, it should be noted, has made the knockout round of the last two World Cups and is likely being overlooked. The team from Ghana certainly has the ability to pull off a major upset.

Here are the current odds to win the Group:

Germany, 1.53
Portugal, 3.50
Ghana, 12.00
United States, 12.00

Here are the odds to qualify:

Germany, 1.10
Portugal, 1.44
Ghana, 3.75
USA, 4.00


Finally, here are the "straight forecast" odds:

1st Germany, 2nd Portugal - 2.37
1st Portugal, 2nd Germany - 4.50
1st Germany, 2nd Ghana - 7.00
1st Germany, 2nd USA - 7.00
1st Ghana, 2nd Germany - 21.00
1st Portugal, 2nd Ghana - 21.00
1st Portugal, 2nd USA - 21.00
1st USA, 2nd Germany - 21.00
1st Ghana, 2nd Portugal - 34.00
1st USA, 2nd Portugal - 51.00
1st Ghana, 2nd USA - 101.00
1st USA, 2nd Ghana - 101.00


What makes this group so interesting is that all four teams have a legitimate shot of moving on to the knockout round. It seems very likely that there will be a major upset in this group - who will it be?

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