8/11 Chance of Suarez Going To Arsenal

Published on July 26th, 2013 3:57 pm EST
Luis Suarez is on the move this summer, but where will he end up?

The former Ajax and Liverpool player requested a move from Liverpool this summer, despite the fact that he just recently inked a long-term contract with the club. Suarez claimed that he has tired of the media's intrusions into his life, and he wants a fresh start somewhere else.

Suarez has had a few "incidents" while playing for Liverpool, including the now infamous bite on Branislav Ivanovic and a racial abuse incident involving Patrice Evra.


So, we know that Suarez is definitely going - the only question now is, where?

Let's take a look at the possible landing spots and the odds of Suarez landing at each one:

Arsenal, 8/11
Real Madrid, 6/4
Chelsea, 16/1
Bayern Munich, 16/1
Paris St. Germain, 18/1
Juventus, 33/1
Tottenham, 33/1
Monaco, 33/1
AC Milan, 33/1
Man City, 33/1
Barcelona, 33/1
Man United, 33/1
Napoli, 33/1


Arsenal is clearly the forerunner for Suarez, as the club has already submitted a £40,000,001 bid for the striker. Liverpool turned down the bid, calling it too low, but most people feel that the two sides will eventually come to an agreement.

Will Suarez end up at Arsenal or somewhere else?

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