Swansea vs West Brom Odds 09/03/2013

Published on March 8th, 2013 6:32 pm EST

West Brom will play host to Swansea in English Premier League play on Saturday. The game will get underway at 15:00 local time on Saturday afternoon.

Swansea and West Brom both have 40 points so far this season in the English Premier League. Swansea currently has a record of 10-10-8, while West Brom has a record of 12-4-12.

Swansea has scored a total of 39 goals while allowing 34 so far this season, while West Brom has scored 38 goals and allowed 37.

Swansea has gone 2-1-2 in its last five games, notching wins over Queens Park Rangers (4-1) and Newcastle United (1-0). West Brom, on the other hand, has gone 2-0-3 in its last five games, notching wins over Liverpool and Sunderland, while dropping games to Everton, Tottenham and Chelsea.


According to bookmakers, West Brom has the slight edge on Saturday afternoon. Here are the current betting odds:

West Brom, 2.40
Draw, 3.10
Swansea, 3.10

These odds mean that a successful $100 bet on West Brom would yield a total of $140, while a successful $100 bet on Swansea would return $210.

The double chance odds:

West Brom or Draw, 1.40
Swansea or Draw, 1.55
West Brom or Swansea, 1.22

The draw no bet odds:

West Brom, 1.70
Swansea, 2.05

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