Croatia vs Wales Odds 26/03/2013

Published on March 26th, 2013 2:13 am EST

Wales is playing Croatia in a 2014 World Cup qualification game on Tuesday evening.

This is a game of the utmost importance for Croatia, as they are currently locked in a tie (13 points after 5 games) with Belgium in Group A of the UEFA division of the World Cup qualifiers. Belgium is playing FYR Macedonia on Tuesday, so Croatia will almost certainly need a win to keep pace with the Belgians.

Wales, on the other hand, is currently far behind both Belgium and Croatia, as they have just 6 points after 5 games. Wales is looking to play spoiler at this point.


Croatia is a fairly big favourite to win on Tuesday evening. Here are the current odds:

Wales, 5.50
Draw, 3.30
Croatia, 1.73

If you were looking to bet $100, this would be your potential return for each result:

Wales, $450
Draw, $230
Croatia, $73

According to the bookmakers, these are the likeliest three results for Tuesday's contest:

Croatia 1-0, 6.00
Croatia 2-0, 7.00
1-1 Draw, 7.50

Finally, the draw no bet odds:

Wales, 4.00
Croatia, 1.22


As mentioned, this is a big game for Croatia, while Wales will be looking to play the role of spoiler.

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