Villarreal 9/20 To Win at Home on Thursday

Published on November 2nd, 2016 10:28 pm EST

Another week brings us another batch of Europa League qualification matches, including Villarreal, who is currently one of the favourites to win the entire tournament, taking on Osmanlispor.

Here are the current odds for this battle:

Villarreal, 9/20
Draw, 7/2
Osmanlispor, 15/2

As you can see, the bookmakers aren't giving Osmanlispor much of a chance of victory on Thursday, while Villarreal is expected to win easily.

According to the bookmakers, here are the five likeliest outcomes of Thursday's match:

Villarreal Wins 1-0, 5/1
Villarreal Wins 2-0, 5/1
Draw 1-1, 7/1
Villarreal Wins 2-1, 8/1
Villarreal Wins 3-0, 8/1

Here are the five players who are being given the best odds of scoring on Thursday:

Aitor Cantalpiedra, 13/8
Mario Gonzalez, 13/8
Alexandre Pato, 6/4
Nicola Sansone, 6/5
Leo Suarez, 6/4

The King is doing a move with a football where he flicks it from behind.

Here are the Group L standings as of this moment:

Villarreal, 1-2-0, 5 points
FC Zurich, 1-1-1, 4 points
Osmanlispor, 1-1-1, 4 points
Steaua Bucuresti, 0-2-1, 2 points

As you can see, the group is really close, which means that Thursday's matches hold extra importance for the teams in the group. A win for either Villarreal or Osmanlispor could give them some extra padding in the group, while a loss could potentially be devastating.

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