Villanovense Plays Host To Barcelona on Wednesday in Spanish Copa del Rey Action

Published on October 28th, 2015 3:19 am EST
The outmatched side from Villanovense will be playing host to Barcelona in Spanish Copa del Rey action on Wednesday, October 28th.

The match between the two sides will officially kick off Round of 32 play in the 2015/16 Spanish Copa del Rey tournament. Barcelona is in Pot 2, which consists of the La Liga teams that qualified for European competitions. Villanovense, on the other hand, is in Pot 1, which consists of teams from Segunda Division B. In short, these are teams that are not likely to go far in the competition. Barcelona is the reigning and defending Copa del Rey champion and will obviously be very hard to top on Wednesday.

The truth of the mismatch is laid out for everybody to see in the odds for the match:

Villanovense, 15.00
Draw, 7.50
Barcelona, 1.10

According to these odds, Villanovense basically has no chance of winning on Wednesday. That being said, anything can obviously happen in Cup play, as the top teams usually don't field their best rosters. Chelsea, as we saw on Tuesday, is an example of a top club getting dispatched from Cup play.


According to William Hill, the likeliest outcome of Wednesday's match is a 3-0 victory for Barcelona. The likeliest outcome that involves a Villanovense win, on the other hand, is a 1-0 victory for Villanovense, which is currently going for 41.00.


In short, despite the fact that Barcelona may not be fielding their best roster on Wednesday, don't bet the house on a Villanovense victory or else you will likely be sleeping in the street.

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