USA vs Germany Women's World Cup Odds

Published on June 29th, 2015 7:13 pm EST
The two top women's soccer teams in the world, the United States and Germany, will be squaring off in the semi-finals of the Women's World Cup on Tuesday afternoon.

Both the United States and Germany have turned in underwhelming performances at the WWC so far - Germany barely managed to get by France in the quarter-finals, while the United States has seemed distracted and disjointed. This is what makes the semi-final match so compelling, as people are wondering which team will be able to pull things together in time.

The one massive advantage that the United States seems to be sporting heading into this battle - their defense. The USA has not allowed a goal since their first game of the tournament (a 3-1 victory over Australia), and Germany is going to have a very hard time penetrating Hope Solo and the rest of the US defense. Can Germany score on Tuesday? If not, they will obviously have a very hard time winning, as they would then have to hope for a scoreless draw that eventually goes to penalty kicks.


Germany has a very slight edge in Tuesday's game, as you can see from these odds:

USA, 2.90
Draw, 3.20
Germany, 2.30

According to these odds, the USA has about a 35% chance of winning the game in regular time, while Germany has a 43.48% chance of winning.

The line for "Both Teams to Score" is set like this:

Yes, 2.00
No, 1.73

In my opinion, the "No" side is very compelling at 1.73, but I'll leave that to you to decide.


The winner of Tuesday's match between Germany and the United States will play against the winner of England/Japan in the finals.

As of this moment, Germany is favoured to win the tournament (2.20), followed by the United States (3.20), Japan (4.00) and England (8.00).

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