Brazil Listed at 4.00 To Win Tournament

Published on June 23rd, 2014 6:42 pm EST
The Group stage of the 2014 World Cup has produced some tremendous results so far.

The defending champions from Spain, for instance, have been eliminated from the tournament, thanks to losses to Chile and the Netherlands.

England has also been dispatched from the event, while teams like Italy and Portugal will be playing for their tournament lives later in the week.

Of course, with upsets comes surprisingly strong results. Chile and Columbia have both surprised so far, while France and the Netherlands are both surpassing pre-tournament expectations. As a matter of fact, France and the Netherlands are both now considered top five favourites to win the entire tournament.


Brazil had a bit of a shaky start (gave up an early goal to Croatia, played to a draw against Mexico) but they are still considered the favourites to win the tournament. Germany and Argentina, which have both had their own bouts of shakiness, are considered as having the next best chances of winning.


Here are the current betting odds to win the World Cup outright:

Brazil, 4.00
Germany, 5.00
Argentina, 5.00
France, 9.00
Holland, 10.00
Belgium, 21.00
Chile, 26.00
Columbia, 26.00
Italy, 34.00
Mexico, 41.00
Uruguay, 51.00
Costa Rica, 81.00
USA, 101.00
Ivory Coast, 101.00
Switzerland, 151.00
Portugal, 201.00
Russia, 251.00
Nigeria, 251.00
Algeria, 251.00
Ghana, 301.00
Japan, 501.00
Ecuador, 501.00
Greece, 751.00
Iran, 1501.00
South Korea, 3001.00
Honduras, 4001.00

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