Brazil, Argentina Currently Leading The Way

Published on October 16th, 2013 1:30 pm EST

The field for the 2014 World Cup continued to be whittled down this week, with teams such as England and Bosnia gaining entrance into the summer tournament.

There are still a number of spots to be decided, as a handful of teams will now battle in playoff matches for a small handful of remaining World Cup spots.


Brazil continues to have the best odds to win the World Cup, which should surprise nobody. Brazil is arguably the best team in the world, and they will also be playing on their home soil.

Argentina, Germany and Spain, according to the bookmakers, have the next best odds of winning the tournament. After that, there is a big drop until you reach teams such as Belgium, Holland and Columbia.

Here are the updated World Cup 2014 betting odds as of this minute:

Brazil, 4.33
Argentina, 5.50
Germany, 5.50
Spain, 6.50
Belgium, 15.00
Holland, 17.00
Columbia, 21.00
France, 21.00
Italy, 21.00
England, 23.00
Uruguay, 34.00
Russia, 41.00
Chile, 51.00
Portugal, 51.00
Bosnia, 81.00
Ecuador, 101.00
Croatia, 126.00
Sweden, 126.00
Switzerland, 126.00
Ghana, 151.00
Japan, 151.00
Mexico, 151.00
USA, 151.00
Ivory Coast, 201.00
Greece, 251.00
Nigeria, 251.00
South Korea, 251.00
Ukraine, 251.00
Romania, 401.00
Australia, 501.00
Cameroon, 501.00
Tunisia, 501.00
Burkina Faso, 751.00
Iran, 751.00
Senegal, 751.00
Algeria, 1001.00
Costa Rica, 1001.00
Honduras, 1001.00
Iceland, 1001.00
Ethiopia, 2501.00
New Zealand, 5001.00


Who are you taking to win the World Cup? Are there any teams that you think have substantial value?

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