USA vs Mexico World Cup Qualifying Betting Preview Sept 10th, 2013

Published on September 10th, 2013 1:45 pm EST
The United States will play host to Mexico in a World Cup qualifying match this evening.

This is an extremely important match for both teams, but especially for Mexico. The top three remaining CONCACAF teams will qualify for a World Cup 2014 spot, while the fourth place team will square off against New Zealand in an inter-continental play-off for another spot.

Here is how the CONCACAF standings look as of this moment:

Costa Rica, 14 points
USA, 13 points
Honduras, 10 points
Mexico, 8 points
Panama, 7 points
Jamaica, 3 points


The odds for tonight's contest are very close - let's take a look:

USA, 2.60
Draw, 3.00
Mexico, 2.90

So, if you were to bet $100 on each out of these three outcomes, you could potentially make:

USA, $160 profit
Draw, $200 profit
Mexico, $190 profit

As you can see, the United States is a slight favorite to win, but it's very close.

Here are the five likeliest outcomes of tonight's match:

Draw 1-1, 6.50
USA 1-0, 7.00
Mexico 1-0, 7.50
Draw 0-0, 8.00
USA 2-1, 10.00

So, the likeliest outcome of tonight's match is a 1-1 draw, while the second likeliest outcome is a 1-0 victory for the United States.


Here are the three players from each team who have the best chance of scoring on Tuesday:

Landon Donovan, 2.25
Clint Dempsey, 2.75
Eddie Johnson, 2.87

Javier Hernandez, 2.50
Oribe Peralta, 2.87
Raul Jimenez, 3.25


Finally, here are the six over/under lines that are currently available for this contest:

Under 0.5 Goals, 8.00
Over 0.5 Goals, 1.06

Under 1.5 Goals, 2.75
Over 1.5 Goals, 1.40

Under 2.5 Goals, 1.53
Over 2.5 Goals, 2.37

Under 3.5 Goals, 1.15
Over 3.5 Goals, 4.75

Under 4.5 Goals, 1.04
Over 4.5 Goals, 10.00

Under 5.5 Goals, 1.01
Over 5.5 Goals, 21.00

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