Barcelona vs Real Madrid Seen as Likeliest Champions League Final

Published on April 24th, 2015 10:24 pm EST
The Champions League semi-final draw took place earlier today.

The semi-final matches, which get underway in early May, look like this:

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich
Juventus vs Real Madrid

The football world is buzzing over the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich match in particular, as it will pit two of the world's top football franchises against one another. The talent that will be on display will be staggering, and it's almost a shame that one of these two teams won't be able to advance to the finals.

Here are the odds to qualify for the finals for all four of the teams:

Barcelona, 1.73
Bayern Munich, 2.00

Juventus, 2.75
Real Madrid, 1.40

Juventus has the longest odds of advancing to the finals, though at 2.75 they are being given a 36.36% chance of advancing to play the winner of Bayern Munich/Barcelona.


Here are all of the "finalist" market odds:

Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 2.40
Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich, 2.80
Barcelona vs Juventus, 5.00
Bayern Munich vs Juventus, 5.50


Prior to Friday's draw, Barcelona and Bayern Munich had identical odds of winning Champions League. Here are the post-draw odds:

Barcelona, 2.62
Bayern Munich, 3.00
Real Madrid, 3.00
Juventus, 9.00

The odds of Barcelona winning have slightly improved, while Bayern Munich has slipped a bit to 3.00. Real Madrid, thanks to their fortunate draw of Juventus in the semis, has seen their odds improve slightly.

In short, there are really no weak links in the final four and the football world is going to be treated to some amazing action in the semi-finals.

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