Sunderland Set To Battle Man City in Third Round of English Capital One Cup

Published on September 22nd, 2015 3:49 am EST
On Tuesday afternoon, Sunderland will be taking on Man City in one of the English Capital One Cup third round match-ups.

Man City, which is currently sitting at the top of the English Premier League standings, enters this game as the clear favourite to win. Here are the current betting odds:

Sunderland, 7.00
Draw, 4.00
Man City, 1.50

Here are the odds to qualify for the next round:

Sunderland, 4.33
Man City, 1.20

According to the oddsmakers, the three likeliest outcomes of Tuesday's match are:

Man City 1-0, 8.00
Man City 2-0, 8.00
Man City 2-1, 8.00


These Capital One Cup games can be tricky, as Man City will almost certainly be resting their best players for most or all of this match.

While Man City is certainly the best team on paper, there is no guarantee that they will come out on top on Tuesday. If you look at the history of the Capital One Cup over the past couple of years, you will see that many of the top teams have gone out in the earlier rounds due to the fact that they are putting out their secondary line-ups.

For this reason, you should be extremely cautious about how much money you put down on this game, as absolutely anything could happen.

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