Borussia Dortmund Favoured To Win on Road

Published on February 8th, 2016 2:30 pm EST
The quarter-finals of the DFB Cup are scheduled to take place later this week, with Bayer vs Werder and Stuttgart vs Borussia Dortmund set for Tuesday, while Heidenheim vs Hertha BSC and VfL Bochum vs Bayern Munich is set for Wednesday.

Most are expecting that either Dortmund or Bayern Munich will end as the winners of the DFB Cup, as they are clearly the best two teams left in the tournament. Either Dortmund or Bayern Munich has appeared in the finals for the past four years, with Borussia Dortmund winning one DFB Cup over that time, while Bayern Munich has managed to win two.

As mentioned, Borussia Dortmund will be the favourite to win on Tuesday against Stuttgart, as evidenced by these odds courtesy of William Hill:

Stuttgart, 5.50
Draw, 4.50
Borussia Dortmund, 1.53

According to these odds, Borussia Dortmund has a 65.36% chance of winning on Tuesday, while Stuttgart has just a 20% chance of winning.


As mentioned, Borussia Dortmund certainly enjoys the talent advantage heading into Tuesday's game - as of this moment, Dortmund is the only team within a country mile of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, as they are currently eight points back of the reigning champions. VfB Stuttgart, on the other hand, is nearly 30 points back of the league leaders.

This is DFB Cup play, however, which means that anything can happen. With league battles and Champions League/Europa League currently underway, many top teams will take their feet off of the accelerators in Cup play, which leaves openings for teams such as Stuttgart who would love nothing more than to knock off the likes of Borussia Dortmund.

For this reason, bettors should keep the volatility of cup play in mind before placing their bets.

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