England vs San Marino Odds 22/03/2013

Published on March 19th, 2013 6:54 pm EST
On Friday, March 22nd, San Marino and England will square off in a World Cup 2014 qualification match.

San Marino and England are in Group H of the UEFA bracket, along with Poland, Moldova and the Ukraine. As of this moment, England has played four games and has earned a total of eight points, while San Marino has played four games and has earned a total of 0 points.

England is currently in second place in the Group (behind Montenegro), while San Marino is dead last. The nine group winners all qualify for the World Cup, while the eight best runners-up will square off for the four remaining spots.


As you can imagine, England is a very big favorite to win on Friday. Here are the current odds:

San Marino, 81.00
Draw, 17.00
England, 1.01

According to these odds, a successful $100 bet on San Marino would yield a total profit of $8,000, while a successful $100 bet on England would return a total profit of $1. A successful $100 bet on a draw, on the other hand, would return a total of $1600 if the two teams managed to battle to a tie.

Here are the most likely results for Friday's game, according to the oddsmakers:

England 4-0, 5.50
England 3-0, 6.00
England 5-0, 6.50
England 6-0, 7.50

As you can see, oddsmakers aren't holding out too much hope of a San Marino victory on Friday.

Having said that, San Marino basically has nothing to lose in Friday's game, while this will be a very important game for England.

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