Louis Van Gaal Still Favourite To Be Named Manager

Published on April 27th, 2014 1:34 pm EST
The race to see who will be named the next permanent manager of Man Utd seems to have been boiled down to two names - Louis Van Gaal and Ryan Giggs.

Heading into this weekend, Louis Van Gaal was considered the slam dunk choice to become the next permanent manager of the club. Ryan Giggs, who is serving as the interim manager following the sacking of David Moyes this week, was listed at 15/1 to become the permanent manager of Man Utd.

Fortunately for Giggs, the Man Utd players seem to enjoy playing for him (plus they reportedly despised playing for Moyes) and put on a strong performance for their manager on Saturday as the team destroyed Norwich City 4-0 at home. According to reports, Giggs (who had been a player for Man Utd for over 20 years) has enjoyed a "tidal wave" of support amongst his players. This, of course, leaves open the possibility that Giggs will be named the next permanent manager of Man Utd.

If Manchester United closes out their season in strong fashion, you would have to think that the management of Man Utd would have to seriously consider giving him the permanent position. After all, Giggs is one of the most decorated and celebrated players in the history of English soccer and naming him as the permanent manager would likely be a universally popular choice.


Here are the current odds to become the next permanent manager of Man Utd:

Louis Van Gaal, 1.2
Ryan Giggs, 6.00

As you can see, Van Gaal (who is currently the manager of the Dutch national team) is still the overwhelming favourite to receive the position, but Giggs has cut down the lead considerably thanks to yesterday's strong performance from Man Utd.

There are other names that are reportedly being mentioned for the position (Sir Alex Ferguson, Jurgen Klopp, etc), but bookmakers aren't taking any of them seriously.


Further complicating this story is the fact that Man Utd has three relatively easy games to close out the season - Sunderland, Hull City and Southampton. What happens if Man Utd closes out the season on a four game winning streak?

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