Monaco 2/1 To Win at Home on Wednesday

Published on April 29th, 2017 5:02 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel
Photograph of AC Monaco Stadium in Monte Carlo.  The day is sunny and clear. The first leg of this year's Champions League semi-finals will be taking place later this week, as Real Madrid is set to battle Atletico Madrid, while Monaco is set to do battle with Juventus.

Heading into the semi-finals, Real Madrid and Juventus are the two clear favourites to reach the finals. Atletico Madrid and Monaco are seen as overmatched against two supremely talented clubs, though both teams have defied expectations to make it this far. Monaco is having a particularly surprising season, as there is a chance that they could win both France Ligue 1 and Champions League in the same year.

Monaco is opening up against Juventus at home on Wednesday, May 3rd - here are the odds for the first match:

Monaco, 21/10
Draw, 28/11
Juventus, 143/100

Despite being on the road for the first leg, Juventus still has the edge to win, which should speak to the strength of their club.

The odds to qualify for the Champions League finals show the uphill climb that Monaco has in front of them:

Juventus, 4/11
Monaco, 9/4


Here are the five likeliest outcomes of Wednesday's match in the eyes of the bookmakers:

Draw 1-1, 11/2
Juventus 2-1, 17/2
Juventus 1-0, 15/2
Monaco 1-0, 9/1
Monaco 2-1, 10/1

Preventing Juventus from scoring on the road will be of the utmost importance for Monaco and their supporters on Wednesday. If they can leave their home field with a 1-0 win or something of that nature, they will actually have a chance of moving past the powerful side from Juventus.


Can Monaco continue their Cinderella season, or will Juventus move on to the finals as expected?

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