Are Man Utd Backers Geniuses or Simply Insane?

Published on March 3rd, 2016 4:24 am EST
According to multiple sources in the European online sports book industry, one of the most popular bets right now is Manchester United to win the English Premier League at 33/1.

While there are currently four teams with much better odds of winning the EPL title (Leicester at 7/4, Tottenham at 2/1, Arsenal at 7/2 and Man City at 7/1), many punters have decided to place a bit of "crazy money" on Manchester United at 33/1. This is despite the fact that Manchester United currently sits 10 points back of Leicester City with 10 games left in the season. To make matters even worse, there are four teams currently sitting between Man Utd and first place.


Since turning in two embarrassing performances against Sunderland (February 13th) and Midtjylland (February 18th), Manchester United has won four games in a row, including two straight English Premier League victories (over Arsenal and Watford).

Manchester United's recent run has some punters feeling pretty speculative all of a sudden, as a fair bit of money has been coming in on Manchester United in recent days.

Manchester United does have a pretty favourable schedule coming up, though the team's odds of making up 10 points in just 10 games are remote at best. More reasonable fans are eyeing a finish in the top four for Manchester United, while those with a tenuous grasp on reality are eyeing a possible title for the club.

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