Manchester City Currently 4/6 To Win EPL Title

Published on September 19th, 2016 2:34 am EST
Manchester City entered this current English Premier League season as the favourites to win it all.

After the first five games of the season, things have not changed. In fact, Manchester City currently finds itself on its own island, far ahead of the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea in the eyes of oddsmakers.

Thanks to their impeccable 5-0-0 start, Man City is currently a 4/6 favourite to win the EPL title this season. It's not just that Man City has won five straight games to start the season. Instead, it's the way that they have done so, absolutely dismantling their opponents and filling the nets at an alarming rate. In short, opponents have not been able to find a way to stop the potent Manchester City attack.

Heading into the season, Manchester United was expected to contend with Man City for the title, as they added the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba, as well as Jose Mourinho as a manager.

Things have gone south for Man Utd at an alarming rate, however, as they have now lost their last three games in a row (two EPL contests, one Europa League). Manchester United are justifiably worried as they watch yet another season slip away from their club.


Here are the current odds for the top teams to win the EPL title this season:

Man City, 4/6
Liverpool, 5/1
Chelsea, 9/1
Arsenal, 14/1
Man Utd, 12/1
Tottenham, 18/1

Leicester City, which won the title last season, doesn't look like they'll be catching lightning in a bottle for a second straight year, as they are currently 100/1 to win.

The King just smoked the ball with his right foot.  The topic of the article is the outstanding performance by Pep Guardiola as Man City manager so far in 2016/17 season.

Man City currently sits 2 points ahead of Everton in the table and four points ahead of Tottenham. With Everton expected to fall off the pace, Man City is currently 4 points ahead of any team that was expected to have the slightest opportunity to win the title.

Does Man City have an insurmountable lead already? Absolutely not, though to fans of the 19 other teams in the EPL, it must certainly seem that way.

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