Manchester City Currently 11/8 To Win Title

Published on October 27th, 2016 9:19 pm EST
Despite the fact that only one point separates the top five teams in the English Premier League table, Manchester City is still the clear favourite to win the title.

As of this moment, Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool sit at the top of the table with records of 6-2-1. Thanks to their +11 goal differential, Man City is the league's #1 team.

After that, two teams - Chelsea and Tottenham - sit in second place with 19 points. After Tottenham, there is a sizable gap until the likes of Everton, Man Utd and Southampton present themselves at the middle of the table.


As of this moment, here are the odds for the current top five teams in the table to win the English Premier League title:

Man City, 11/8
Arsenal, 11/2
Liverpool, 10/3
Chelsea, 6/1
Tottenham, 10/1

As you can see, despite the gridlock at the top of the table, Man City is still the clear favourite to win the title.

Man City has been struggling as of late, which has allowed other teams to draw closer to them in the league. The odsmakers, however, believe that Manchester City will right the ship and eventually finish at the top of the league to win the title.

Man City is teeming with talent and has the weapons necessary to win. The oddsmakers just can't seem to really get behind the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool, who are seen as being at a lower rung talent wise than Man City.

The King is leaning back on his sofa, cellphone in one hand and laptop under the other.  The news received is the latest EPL winning odds for the 2016/17 season.

Leicester City, which won the title last year, currently has a record of 3-2-4 and has odds of 250/1 to repeat as title winners this year. It seems hard to imagine Leicester City putting things together to make a run, though stranger things have happened (including last year's victory).

Watford, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, who all sit in the middle of the table, all currently have odds of 1000/1 of winning.

The team with the longest odds of winning the title is Sunderland, which currently has just 2 points over their first nine games of the season. Sunderland is currently 3500/1 to make a miracle comeback and win the league this season.

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